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Heretic Skill Sound Effect

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  • Heretic Skill Sound Effect

    I do not know where to put this ...
    Can you fix the sound effects for the following skills coz I fell my char is acting crazy swing its weapon but it fell like it is not hitting anything because of the sound effect used.

    - Execute
    - Cruel Slash
    - Carnage

    just a suggestion I was about to give up on this char ...

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    Same as the Revamp for Priest ~ Inquisitor/Saint, new skills aren't playing any sounds and there is no voice coming from the character, i was thinking maybe they forgot to record for the new voice over of the new skills? the default sound for Priest's Holy Flux skill (new skill on priest specialization) sounds like a cannon shot from academic's weapon, similar to the Demolisher skill, for the rest like the Lightning Move, Falling thunder and Exceed lightning doesn't produce any sound or voice acting from the character, especially the lightning fury skill (cool new move)

    I hope they fix it this week's maintenance tuesday


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      Holy Flux skill is like AA of Cannons. just boom


      • Mr.Shovels
        Mr.Shovels commented
        Editing a comment
        Its annoying to not hear anything at all from those skills, i was expecting to hear new sound effects and voice acting from those.

        Haven't heard any news about whether the Female voice over for the Female cleric (The avatar transformation costume set) would also be the same, hopefully they've already done and prepared everything and they have just forgotten to patch it up on last week's update, we'll just have to wait until tuesday to see any updates regarding this issue.

        If not then it might be a good opportunity to send in a bug report on their customer service so they can look up on it as well, they may have forgotten about it and no one might have reported about the bug yet directly towards their CS.

        I have to mute my game just so i couldn't hear anything at all, its horrible to hear your character shout and skills producing sound effects, and then use a different one you feel like you've gone deaf or something.