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  • Bulletin Mission Translation

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    Cannot read the bulletin mission. Please fix asap due to that event.
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    Hopping for them to fix this asap, and extend BST Point Event duration cz of this confusion about Mission Bulletin Board...


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      Uggh... i think i'll pass on playing for tonight, its no use playing the game without a proper fix on this because its the only thing that keeps me from playing the game...

      and since there's an epic costume set coupon now available on crystal point store... i might just focus my time doing main quests and tasks on my subs for crystal points...
      Finally, i don't need to keep on farming for BST points anymore hehe (i hope they don't remove the new costume set on CP store this time)


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        Has anyone tried refreshing the missions to find out if they'll show missions with fixed translations? (by refresh I mean deleting the mission to get another mission)

        ADD: I just logged in to the game and did this but I have to wait for a few hours to find out.


        • BananaCredits
          BananaCredits commented
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          I tried. I remember I had 4 out of 5 daily dungeons as the missions, and I cleared them. Well that screenshot is after I cleared the 4 missions.

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        Up UP up UP +

        Dragon Nest SEA


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          What i know so far...
          1000147542 - Abyss Wharf
          1000146809 - PFC
          1000147544 - Guardian Nest
          1000146815 - Chiron Nest
          1000148254 - HBF (Hardcore)
          1000146817 - Prof. K

          Ill try to edit whenever i learn something
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          • Mr.Shovels
            Mr.Shovels commented
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            You don't have to make an effort on this, they should be fixing this bug asap and not depending on players to figure out the task to do by knowing what the numbers represent's what, this isn't our job

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          There will be a translation rework. I wonder how long this will take.


          • Mr.Shovels
            Mr.Shovels commented
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            they already did a rework on the translation error on the mission bulletin board quests, how is it so hard to actually make a small change for the repair fee? its absurd, now i'm stuck with always seeing those huge numbers whenever i am given the option to repair my equipment, its mind boggling whatsoever.

          • Knee
            Knee commented
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            One is intended and the other is not.
            Ranting won't help, create an official petition or suggestion then we can see if they really care or not.
            I'm still fine with it either way but it does hurt seeing 200g repair fee whenever the game decides to dc me.

          • Mr.Shovels
            Mr.Shovels commented
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            hmmm... not ranting about it, it's just that they never did followed their patch note, this is way worst than we expected