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A lot of Awkward translations in the game

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  • A lot of Awkward translations in the game

    I've seen a lot of awkward translations on the dialogues of NPCs through out the game but the new red lotus palace patch seems to have made it a lot worst.

    At first you will fail to understand what the dialogue may seem to be, then after a few minutes of actually reading it repeatedly a few times you will come to the realization that it is completely similar to someone using google translate, instead of having the correct translation it gives you the exact correct translation of each word rather than the complete sentence, and that makes it look a bit off from the usual lines of words you will be reading.

    is ED really proud of this? even a small time developer with no experience on translating in english seems to have more proper skills on doing their job rather than a whole company, i don't get it.

    This is why a lot of players are milking a lot of money from you instead of YOU milking a lot of money for them, your system is flawed, a lot of bugs in the game, scammers, hackers and cheaters are all over the place, and not to mention the way a company runs the game sucks, and your translations in the game suck.

    yes i am ranting right now, get your selves on the right track here, you're running a game, not a minecraft server which anyone can do a better job than you are doing right now.

    Sincerely, one that WAS a player of your game.

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    They're probably thinking something along the lines of "you were a player of DN SEA. Why should we care about the opinion of someone who no longer plays our game?"

    ​​​​Of course, assuming they even read this post. I'm pretty sure the forum has long been abandoned since there's no respond or fix to the bugs that were reported here.


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      It's like they just hired whomever to translate. Probably not even looked after by an editor.