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    Guys pls help me and my precious children in my guild.
    My precious recruits recently got scammed by players bc of our lack of information. The only Scammers I know were DareLane, Dara Mae Zhang and Vanessa Sia

    Could someone give me a list of Scammers here at DNSEA to help my precious be protected from these scumbags.

    tnx in advance~

    ~Seriphamte: Majesty~
    Kuroyamizu:Arch Heretic

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    Scammers copy the names of geared players and delete the char later, regardless if they successfully scammed or not.

    We do not have a list of blacklisted players as most of the scammers impersonate legit players, whom are actually not involved in the scam (in a super vast majority). To have a blacklist of such will be redundant as one might simply just make a list of high end geared players whom are often impersonated and this list is long. Ctrl F and search is not worth the effort versus taking precautions against scams in general.

    Ask your guildmates to read launcelot's scam guide in this forum to raise awareness. It is better than a list of potential scammers.
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      Can you give us specific details about how your recruits are being scammed?


      • Seriphamte/Kuroyamizu
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        GDN SVC, the free eyet modus, and other mischief like grubby key and of the sorts...i told them to consult us before doing transacts but some of them doesnt listen ~

      • Mr.Shovels
        Mr.Shovels commented
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        You need to spank them, if they didn't listen, its their fault, and please don't let them feel like you people would do anything for them to stay, most of the time these people are scammers themselves that begs for stuff, after getting what they want they will eventually leave the guild and go on to another.

        Don't give them anything especially gold, as well as items that can easily be sold on TH, don't baby them too much.

        A guild is like having a family, you look after each other, but ofc you need to trust each other first before anything else, and you don't want to trust someone who isn't trust worthy right? in order to avoid this, let them prove that they are worth being part of the guild, make them work hard, get themselves geared up but only help them at times when they need being carried on Nests and stuff like that, do not give them incentives to take advantage, even after you have helped these people out on carrying them on nests and after they get strong enough they leave, its their choice, it happens, but the moment there's a player who stays beside and look up after the guild and its members, you know that this player could be trusted and is worthy to be part of the family, don't get me wrong, even if i feel like everyone is an ass, i still need to trust the people around me in order to get the feel of the guild, i always become so paranoid about guilds and stuff because there were too many times that i was betrayed and scammed by many people whom i got fooled because of their sweet talk, it was once when i was really jolly and gullible, now it made me change to who i am now, and if i feel the needs to be cold hearted towards those who got scammed, it is their fault after all on not knowing things in the first place, but you can't blame people for trusting anyone in the game anyways, the reason is "they are beginners" but that's not gonna be a good enough reason to get scammed, you got google to help you out on stuff like that, they should have known better. i'm not frustrated to the person themselves that got scammed, i am frustrated the way they let people scam them by not knowing the trust issues with people within the game.

      • Seriphamte/Kuroyamizu
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        I see...but i always make sure that they need to help themselves first before we step in~