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BP or Ripper

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  • BP or Ripper

    I just want to ask which class is more fun to use? I just want opinions and why. Thank you

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    I play both class and I think they are both fun and not boring to play.....BP is fun cuz you can play close,mid and long range and the reset skill mechanics really makes him worthwhile. Ripper is also fun cuz of the fast pace gameplay of his and the thrill of dodging a boss's attack, plus dodging succesfully rewards you with a 1000% bonus on any of your skill that uses MP altho I don't recommend doinh this everytime as ripper is squishy. It all boils down to what kind of play style you want. Altho DPS wise BP is a lot stronger than ripper....cuz his ult provides him with 30% FD and I think action speed combine that with his reset skill mechanic and he can do a massive amount of dmg on the enemy plus everytime lethal torture ( and ins ) and shadow drive hits it removes 6sec cd on said ultimate so it can be spammed sameway as ripper gets 3sec removed when he spams burning coal.


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      BP all the way, trust me missing your long awaited ULTI as Ripper will be one of the most annoying things specially when the boss is too fckin mobile(needs proper timing and usage). Unlike BP, you will never have a time where you're out of skills to use during burst windows.

      PVP sense though, Ripper without a doubt.


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        i maining a BP
        and i used to be ripper
        u wont get disapointed from any of them try them out and decide with suit you the most and which u find joyable the most than u will have the right answear


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          Im actually into pve not in pvp. So maybe ill just go with BP. I actually like the fast pace gameplay. Isnt BP also fast pace?


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            Yes,Last patch made BP a fast pace character

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          Best Gameplay? and Dps if u use ur brain go for RIPPER!


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            Reaper/Ripper. best class for me
            Chained moves , crows cool skills.
            I mixed up my skill tree from Assassin to Ripper.
            I did reset skill points from Bringer (Abyss/dark )more of the BPhantom type.

            BP/Phantom is a new spin off I haven't played yet.

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              ripper ftw! love the fluidity and action.. BP is good in terms of dps but i kinda dislikes spin off classes.. they looked too 'recycled'
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