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    Guys i just wanna ask bc i dont rlly know much but what element is good/perfect for smasher?

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    Originally posted by Seriphamte/Kuroyamizu View Post
    Guys i just wanna ask bc i dont rlly know much but what element is good/perfect for smasher?
    When you ask this, did you first think if any specific element has any advantage over another?

    The answer is no, right now element choice makes no difference in suitability for nests except Rune Dragon.

    However, some ele might be more exp than others when buying from people/TH. Dark used to be more exp, but for Unique jades, I think they are all around the same price now due to its abundance.
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      just for fun to fulfill her gameplay as light mage (since ED didnt grants a light attribute to sorcerer)
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        If you're solo player, find elements that suitable with your Hero-Companion (Hero that you can use Skill1/Skill2 while solo dungeon/nest)
        each Hero have different skill set (with different elemental debuff)


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          Not necessarily required to do, any element should do, it's not like you need to compensate for your hero's element attribute base skills but the Hero you're going to pick should be base on the element you're using, it's not really the other way around.

          Some heroes grants multiple elemental benefits either buffs or debuffs, some that uses elemental based skills, doesn't really have any other elemental buff or debuff to support the player using an ECJ.

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        Preference applies on this topic, you can choose what element you want to use, but in my opinion it could be base on whether you are sharing ECJ dragon jades from 1 character to another.

        I chose Light for my sniper because i also use my Crusader often, and since my Crusader is light based, i chose light, and there are some other class that i can use light with such as my elder oracle or my guardian which they all use light atk (this is base on whether you are using all elemental based attack dragon jades or atk power dragon jades, ofc you don't need to equip the ECJ on an already elemental based class, just get an extra jade that you can use for their fitting element type)

        If you have a class that uses a particular type of element often, and that you share dragon jades with many of your subs, you should probably pick an ECJ that other of your subs with the same element type could use so you don't have to get several types of elemental attack dragon jades at once, costs less, efficient, and you can be more happy.