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    Good news for me and all of you. GM Ares came to me when I was in BTG and chat me this.
    I'm not sure there will be no poser anymore, but I'm very glad to hear that I know GM do something about this. Thank you!
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    +1 for the GM


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      Well done ED/GM, now we will wait for those people crying on forum saying “why ED block my account for no reason, i didn’t do illegal” i wish it was IP block so they cant create new character and pose again as somebody else...
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      • BananaCredits
        BananaCredits commented
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        Sadly any scammer with common sense would either hide their own IP or go to cyber cafe when doing scams. So IP ban would not that effective.

      • Nimmienaticz
        Nimmienaticz commented
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        if you wish to IP block them, they just use VPN to cover up those IP bans,
        as well as this IP ban will result to mayhem of players, esp if you look upon 'Technical Issues' sub-forum
        Lots of " Can't enter portals / DC on portals " ..
        Not a good solution tho

        But I like your GIF, its cute :3

      • Severelle
        Severelle commented
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        I see, sorry and thanks for enlightining me. I dont know those techy sides on it. I thought it would be that easy to stop them from recreating dummies and spawn posers. ❤️

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      You could have combined the pictures to make it easier to read :x
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        yes its happening. Same thing happened to me when GM Ares searched me out, had a chat, and banned my imposer within minutes. I wanna say, this is good and hopefully we can see less and less of such parasites around


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          wow, so those people who got banned and posting in the forum... are what we think they are?


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            Got stupid shet everyday and everywhere